Why You Should Have Automotive Repairs Done By an Accredited Repairer

Posted on: 27 September 2022
If you need to have repairs done to your vehicle, it's important to choose the right repair technician for the job. Ideally, you should have automotive repairs done by an accredited repairer. If you're wondering why this matters, you'll probably want to think about the points below.  It Might Be Required By Your Insurance Company If you are having car repairs done that will be covered partly or completely by your car insurance — such as if you're having body repairs done after a car accident — then you will need to take your car to a shop that is accepted by your insurance company.
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What to Do If Your Heavy Vehicle Frame Is Misaligned

Posted on: 16 May 2022
If you are a heavy vehicle operator, you will need to be very lucky indeed to get away without any damage following an accident. As these vehicles weigh so much, they may take a lot of force to stop, and it is not unusual for the frame or chassis to be bent in even a relatively minor collision. If you find yourself in this situation and suspect damage to the frame, how can you be sure, and, crucially, what can you do about it?
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Auto Spray Painting: Three Central Guidelines for Avoiding Bumpy Finishes

Posted on: 27 October 2021
If your car is looking a little old or you would like to change its appearance, consider spray painting to boost its appeal. Moreover, the fresh coat of paint will improve the surface protection on the auto body panels. Consequently, your vehicle will be less prone to rust spots and general wear. However, keep in mind that spray painting is a little time consuming and tedious. Therefore, you should choose professional help from an auto body shop to get high-quality results.
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Detecting Engine Problems on Your Commercial Truck

Posted on: 6 August 2021
Whether you own a single commercial truck or have a fleet of them, the key to successful operations is to ensure the vehicles are always in a proper functioning condition. Breakdowns will often result in delays, downtime and losses. That's why it's crucial to stay ahead of your commercial truck's problems by telling when something is faulty. That way, you can have it fixed quickly. Engine problems are some of the critical issues you may encounter with your commercial trucks.
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